There sure does seem to be a bunch of Atlantic City area attorneys appearing in court … in matters whereby plain common sense (apparent conflicts of interest) would indicate that they should have no business being there in the first place.

The profile appears to be one where the attorney has a large taxpayer-paid government legal contract on one hand … then, the attorney winds-up appearing in court to represent politically connected clients … where conflicts of interest appear to be readily apparent.

I have previously raised the issue why/how did New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Blee allow attorney Anthony Antonelli to represent LaToya Dunston's opponent Viana Bailey in the election challenge case for the 2nd Ward Atlantic City Council race.

According to Dunston, Antonelli also has a legal contract with the City of Atlantic City.

Dunston wanted Antonelli replaced. It didn't happen. It appears that it should have.

Dunston ran into this issue again in a separate case which has been taking place in a conflict court in Margate, New Jersey … before The Honorable Judge John H. Rosenberger.

To his credit, Judge Rosenberger wasn’t having any of this political nonsense in his courtroom.

Judge Rosenberger halted a Monday, February 26, 2024 court case between Atlantic City Councilwoman LaToya Dunston versus Craig Newsome.

Dunston filed charges against Newsome for allegedly making violent threats against her on Primary Election Day, Tuesday, June 6, 2023.

Judge Rosenberger halted the proceeding when a question was raised if Newsome's attorney, Damon Tyner had a conflict of interest because he has a contract to provide legal work for City of Atlantic City.

Tyner acknowledged to Judge Rosenberger that he does have a conflict of interest. That immediately ended today's court hearing ... which has been rescheduled for Monday, March 25, 2024.

Unrelated, Tyner was recently named the new municipal prosecutor in Vineland City.

Tyner is also a former Atlantic County Prosecutor, New Jersey Superior Court Judge and New Jersey Administrative Law Judge.

Tyner either knew, or, should have known that he had a conflict of interest.

Why Tyner was attempting to represent Newsome is questionable.

Tyner certainly should have known that he has a direct conflict that would disqualify him from being able to represent Newsome in a case versus a member of the Atlantic City Council.

The case is being heard in a Margate City conflict court, because Dunston is an elected official from the City of Atlantic City and Newsome is an employee in the so-called anti-violence program.

Newsome served then and still serves now as

assistant director of the anti-violence program for the City of Atlantic City.

Newsome was hired at the direct recommendation of Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, who he is closely aligned with.

Newsome has allegedly made repeated violent threats towards Dunston and her husband.

I interviewed Craig Callaway yesterday, regarding yet another case.  Callaway is questioning how attorney Tracy Reilly is allowed to represent Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small, in his individual capacity in a case brought forward by Callaway?


Callaway’s told me, “Tracy Riley has a six figure contract with each of these two public entities in Atlantic City, the City of Atlantic City and the Atlantic City Board of Education under the leadership of Marty Small and Laquetta Small,” said Callaway.

Callaway said that, “I'm going to file with the Atlantic County Bar very soon.”

To date, only Judge Rosenberger has stopped a conflict of interest in its tracks.

SOURCES: George Tibbitt, LaToya Dunston & Craig Callaway,

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