The Atlantic City, New Jersey so-called Atlantic Avenue “Road Diet” is already an obvious failure.

Shrinking this heavily traveled road from 4 lanes, to 2 lanes is a colossally bad idea and it’s already become self-evident.

Cars are driving directly in the bicycle lane, while bicycles are riding dangerously down the center of the newly configured Atlantic Avenue roadway.

And, even when cars are not driving in the bicycle lane, in order to make a right hand turn … they have to drive right through the bicycle lane.

In a live on-air interview with me on Friday, January 5, 2023, Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt made a very interesting prediction.

Tibbitt believes that in the end, Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small will pull off what Tibbitt called “a great okie doke.”

Let me make this clear, Tibbitt is paying Mayor Small a high compliment here.

Tibbitt believes that Mayor Small knows that the shrinking of Atlantic Avenue from 4 lanes, down to 2 lanes won’t work.

However, agreeing to this configuration was a requirement in order to accept the $ 24 million in funding that was made available to:

  • Resurface Atlantic Avenue.
  • Install new traffic lights and proper synchronization.
  • Lane reconfiguration.
  • Implementation of a dedicated bicycle lane.

Small also knows that if it is legitimately determined that the new configuration does not work … they have the right to revert back to Atlantic Avenue with the customary four lanes … with two running in each direction.

Tibbitt studied the current lane striping and measured that one line can be removed in each direction and Atlantic Avenue will once again be a perfect 4 lane roadway.

Here is a link to our prior coverage, which shows that the new configuration does not work.

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I did my own driving test of the “new” Atlantic Avenue. It’s just terrible. The photo, featured above and below shows all of the problems in one glance.

Harry Hurley photo.
Harry Hurley photo.

The problems are self-evident during the off season. Imagine what this shrunken road situation will look like during the busy summer season?

He will never be able to actually say it out loud … however, If Small pulls this off … I am prepared to declare it a political play of the year.

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