In a major breaking news “Hurley in the Morning” exclusive, I have learned and confirmed that 2nd Ward Atlantic City Councilwoman, LaToya Dunston, Mayoral candidate Pam Fields and Tom Forkin will hold a 5:00 p.m. press conference tonight.

They will be presenting Federal Hatch charges and they will also be filing an official misconduct complaint against Small with the New Jersey Attorney General.

Craig Callaway is not directly involved with those who are filing this two-prong approach, but, he is very familiar with the process that they are Pursuing.

Callaway appeared live on-air this morning to discuss the allegations in advance of tonight’s press conference.

Their goal is have Small reprimanded by the United States Office of Special Counsel, which handles federal Hatch Act violations.

The Hatch Act regulates activities as to how elected and appointed officials may and may not engage in the political process.

Callaway also confirmed that they have an extensive audio recording of Small.

I discussed this situation with Small, who said “they came into my campaign headquarters and taped a conversation without my knowledge,” said Small.

Small told me that there is nothing on the recording that will incriminate him in any way.

Callaway alleged on-air this morning that Small had city employees perform campaign duties for him on city taxpayer time.

If proven, this would be a problem for Small. Small directly denied the allegations it to me.

Callaway advised that the official misconduct allegation is centered around Small “having city employees working on his campaign on city time,” said Callaway.

Small acknowledged to me that he was talking unfavorably about Dunston on the audio recording, but, that he didn’t say anything that would rise to the level of a Hatch Act violation or official misconduct.

Small learned about the audio recording over the Memorial Day weekend and immediately responded to it during his own colorful Facebook Live event.

Callaway is convinced that they’ve caught Small in multiple Hatch Act violations and a criminal act. Small says “no way.”

Callaway says that the “audio recording proves all.”

Callaway also said that they know the identities of the city employees, who they allege worked on Small’s Mayoral campaign while allegedly on the city time clock.

Small says it be never happened.

The accusers will have the opportunity to introduce their case tonight at 5:00 p.m. But, you’ve learned a lot about it in advance by listening to “Hurley in the Morning” and reading about it here in advance here.

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