I’m not a life coach, nor do I play one here.

But, I do receive a lot of emails, social media messages, and phone calls from many of our listeners and readers about how tough life has become during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The comments are diverse in nature, but, all have a common thread. People are becoming both exhausted and dispirited at the myriad of challenges that they are confronting on a daily basis.

More is expected of you at work. Many companies have been working short-handed for going on two years now. It can become both exasperating and debilitating if you’re let it. Don’t let it. Fight on.

People are becoming exhausted going at break-neck speed for such an extended period of time.

However, with supreme challenges, comes great opportunity. Be a hero, not a zero.

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This is your time to shine. You can become more valuable than ever before at work and home. Stand out and you’ll be noticed. Your employer and family members will appreciate your efforts.

The current sour mood can’t and won’t last forever. Our broken supply chain will ultimately be fixed. The regressive hyperinflation that is hurting so many will be tamped down.

It is my strong belief that a course correction is coming. I see this whole pandemic atmosphere waning during 2022. From an electoral standpoint, the midterm elections of November 8, 2022, should deliver major change.

History has demonstrated this time and time again. In every midterm election in modern American history, the party out of power makes major gains.

It’s a cyclical event. The average pickup is 28 seats in The United States House of Representatives. The current Democrat majority is just 4 seats.

The United States Senate is divided with 50 Republicans, 48 Democrats, and 2 Independents, who caucus with the Democrats.

Wherever possible, we must find a way to remove divisive politics from our lives.

With nearly everything in America becoming political in nature, it’s created a toxic environment that has to be eradicated.

It’s poisonous in every way. Unchecked, it can ruin marriages, families, friendships, and professional relationships in the workplace.

As tough as things have become, you still possess free will. You can decide for yourself if you will fight on or fold up.

I know you. There’s no quit in you. Push on and see this through to a much brighter tomorrow.

Remember, nothing ever stays the same. We evolve and this malaise will pass.

Brighter and better days are coming. They always do. The only constant in life is change. I see things changing in America for the better.

Remember, even in challenging times, we’re Americans. We’re the country where so many millions have risked their lives to have a chance to reach our shores with the hope of becoming an American.

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