Crazy Rich Asians hasn't slowed down its roll as it is set to top of the box office again over Labor Day weekend.

The Jon. M. Chu-directed romantic comedy is set to take in $30 million dollars during the summer holiday weekend, according to The Hollywood Reporter. That means Crazy Rich Asians will likely skirt past the $100 million mark.

The film industry trade magazine also reports that the film can actually "become the most successful comedy in two years and the top rom-com in recent times, at least in North America." The 2017 female-led comedy, Girls Trip previously held the "most successful comedy" title when it earned $117 million last year.

Crazy Rich Asians has already gotten the green light to develop the sequel, which means there's a good chance fans of the Kevin Kwan-penned trilogy may get to see the whole story play out on the big screen.

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