The Atlantic City Fire Department is currently at its lowest staffing level in its history at 167 total members.

First, the good news … 23 new recruits will start in January, 2024.

The new recruits will likely finish their Academy training in March and will be a much-needed addition to the depleted staffing ranks of the Atlantic City Fire Department.

The Atlantic City Fire Department is currently very short-handed … many believe dangerously so.

The latest example is today, with the closure of Engine 7 since 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, December 27, 2023.

This important piece of Fire Apparatus is part of station one, located on Maryland Avenue which is known to be one of the busier stations in Atlantic City.

I have spoken with several well placed Atlantic City officials, who all have confirmed that the city did everything possible to keep Engine 7 operating today.

The past administration strategy has been to blame the Atlantic City Fire Department for overtime increases required because of the significant staffing shortages.

That’s unfair and just plain wrong.

The state of New Jersey took too long to approve the required staffing increases. These are staffing increases that merely replace some of the staffing cuts that have been made over the years.

The Atlantic City Fire Department has been short-staffed for many years.

It is only their skill and a splash of luck that has kept a tragedy, which could be directly linked to the staffing, shortages.

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