On Saturday, November 25, 2023 we broke the news that an Atlantic City, New Jersey man named “Fred” found a half clad woman, who was trapped inside a vacant former Staples store, located at 413 East Absecon Boulevard in Absecon, New Jersey.

On Thursday, December 7, 2023, the woman’s daughter, Jessica reached out to me and shared the following:

Hi Mr. Hurley! I just read your article regarding the Good Samaritan, Fred and I wanted to reach out to you. The woman he found in that Staples was my mother. She came to visit me over the holiday and you know how that went. I understand if you would like to keep "Fred's" identity a secret, but I would very much like to express my gratitude for saving my mother. She would have died in that building if not for him.

I am going to reach to “Fred” and share this incredible comment regarding the fast action that he took.

Fred described exactly how this encounter happened:

"Around 9:00 a.m. this morning 11/25/23), I was going to Home Depot in Absecon, when I saw a woman in the abandoned staples store wave me down.”

"As I approached her she had multiple contusion abrasions a shiner to her left eye."

"She had no bottoms on. I asked her what happened and she stated that she was locked in that store for 2 days, unable to get out. She told me that her husband left her there."

"She was in pain with movement... I immediately called the Absecon dispatch and police to dispatch the police and an ambulance to the scene. When they arrived, I directed them to the front of the building."

"They used the lock box keys to enter the building where she was and the ambulance did vital signs put her on a gurney and transported her to the hospital."

"One of the police officers said she was a missing person. Then they did a search of the building," said Fred.

In the day and age that we currently live in … many people would have just kept walking and not taken the time and effort to get a total stranger the geo that she needed.

Fred took action and helped to save a woman’s life.

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