It was a big night regarding the Atlantic City, New Jersey City Council elections.

However, there still is no absolute definitive answers in terms of who has won the pivotal second and 4th Ward City Council races.

These two races will determine if Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small will regain majority support of the City Council.

The current vote tabulation system must be addressed. More about that in a future article.

There’s been a lot of confusion tonight regarding who has won and who has lost. 10 days after the election, this should not be the case.

When you add the votes that have been received since Election Day and add in the provisional ballots cast and counted, it appears that Atlantic City 2nd Ward Councilwoman LaToya Dunston has won a very narrow victory over Viana Bailey by 3 or 4 votes.

Dunston had trailed Bailey by 4 votes regarding all ballots counted on Election Day.

In the 4th Ward race, it appears that challenger George “Animal” Crouch holds a narrow lead over incumbent Councilman MD Morshed.

We can also confirm that Morshed voted twice in the recent June, 2023 Primary Election.

Morshed voted by mail and on Election Day, where he cast a provisional ballot at the polls.

The explanation that I have received, is that Morshed… who has previously suffered a traumatic brain injury… and is said to be forgetful … could not remember if he had previously voted by mail.

Morshed went to his polling place on Election Day and self reported that he couldn’t remember if he had already voted by mail. We have been told that Morshed was instructed to cast a provisional ballot, which he did.

Upon tonight’s vote tabulation, it was confirmed that Morshed did vote twice, and his provisional ballot will not count.

Morshed is currently facing a multi count, federal indictment regarding various election matters.

Atlantic City Mayor Marty small has reportedly been very animated today and tonight, with the closeness of both of these elections and the overall stakes involved.

This remains a developing story. I will provide continued updates as warranted.

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