More than 800 New Jersey adults were surveyed in October to find out whether they're for or against seven different potential measures to stop gun violence in society.

All but one received majority support.

In the Fairleigh Dickinson University Poll released Thursday, Garden Staters gave nearly unanimous support to greater funding for mental health services (92%) and mandatory background checks on potential gun owners, no matter where they purchase their gun (92%).

At least two-thirds of adults in the poll supported laws that allow guns to be taken away from individuals that a judge finds dangerous, a nationwide ban on so-called assault weapons, and a nationwide ban on ammunition clips with more than 10 bullets.

Considered one of the strictest states related to gun access, New Jersey already has the aforementioned ammo limit on the books. Sept. 1 marked the launch of New Jersey's Extreme Risk Protective Order Act, which allows family members to petition a judge to remove firearms from someone who's believed to be a danger to themselves or others.

"Taken as a whole, it looks like New Jersey is quite supportive of increased measures in order to restrict gun access and try to do something about gun violence in the United States," said Krista Jenkins, director of the FDU Poll.

More than half of respondents supported a proposal that taxpayer dollars devoted to guns for police only go to companies that promote gun safety. The only measure to receive opposition than support was a call to relax so-called conceal and carry laws so that more people can carry firearms.

Stark differences were registered between Democrats and Republicans in the poll on the more extreme measures. Eighty-four percent of Democrats support a nationwide ban on assault rifles, compared to only 43% of Republicans, Jenkins said.

Women were more in favor than males of six of the seven proposals. Men were more likely to support relaxed conceal and carry laws.

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