It is Easter season, so I wanted to take the time to share a local story here in Ocean County.

It's what I call the “cross on the lake.”

It’s the illuminated cross on the bank of Lake Pohatcong in Downtown Tuckerton, across from the historic Tuckerton Seaport.

There is an interesting story behind this cross which is shining now as we approach Easter, so take some time to read this story, and if you are in Southern Ocean County take a moment to take a look at the "Cross on the Water."

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I think after the last two years and all we have been through with the pandemic and issues around the world we all need a little peace and hope in our lives.

Shawn Michaels
Shawn Michaels

I have seen this image for years as I head out to work in the early pre-dawn hours. I have often wondered what was the back story, so I put it out there to local residents here in Ocean County and as I expected, I had a response.

It turns out the Disbrow family is responsible for building the cross and David Disbrow was kind enough to take the time and share the story with us.

First David wanted to explain that, “I can’t emphasize enough that this is not about me and my wife. For us, it’s about what Jesus did on the cross and the hope that he brings to the world. That cross on the lake is a reminder. It’s a symbol of faith, hope, and love. It’s about forgiveness and everlasting life. It’s about Jesus and the hope that he brings to a broken world.”

Mr. Disbrow went on to explain how the project came about.

“About 15 years ago, I was on a hunting trip in Virginia with my 2 sons and family friends. As we were heading back, one night after hunting, we came around a turn, and upon the top of a hill, I saw a cross lit up off in the distance. It was absolutely beautiful. I was so moved. I thought to myself that I have a great spot for a cross like that for people to enjoy. So when I returned home I built one.”

David went on to add, “We used to turn it on Thanksgiving Day and turn it off after the new year and then light it again for Easter. Today it seems like more and more people are hurting. My wife and I have decided to keep it on year-round so there is a constant reminder that hope and forgiveness are always available. I’m glad so many people enjoy it.”

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