Here is yet another fond memory of my childhood, growing up in the Atlantic City, New Jersey area.

We went to this wonderful store in the late 1960’s through early 1970’s.

The store was called Tepee Town and it was located at 1611 Boardwalk in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

It was a perfectly organized store with a total Native American focus.

We caught up yesterday with the last owner of Tepee Town, Nancy Walden, who owned the store (with her husband) from 1984 to 1990, when it closed forever.

The Walden’s were the owners of a restaurant called Grumpy’s that was located just a few doors away from Tepee Town.

The previous owners wanted to sell Tepee Town and the Walden’s purchased it.

The undeniably most popular selling item at Tepee Town was Moccasins … then jewelry … followed by Native American Dolls, which they purchased directly from Native Americans.

For many generations, they were regularly called “Indians.” This ultimately became politically incorrect and changed to First Americans, Native Americans, Indigenous people, Amerindian, Amerind, aboriginal American or sometimes called American Indians.

A few example of changes that have taken place in America … the long-time Major League Baseball Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians.

The long-time NFL Washington Redskins dropped “Redskins” from their team name.

Walden confirmed that they closed Tepee Town in 1990 when the Atlantic City Boardwalk rent became to high to continue.

Tepee Town also regularly gave back to the community and for decades sponsored a team in The Chelsea Little League.

Tepee Town Chelsea Little League photo via Facebook.
Tepee Town Chelsea Little League photo via Facebook.

I also had a great on-air conversation yesterday with my 7th Grade teacher, Tom Hand, who also has so many fond memories about Tepee Town, saying:

”Teepee Town on the boardwalk at Haddon Hall, as "little boy" looking at the cowboy and Indian toys and clothes. Thrills running up and down. Getting new cowboy hats and new Matel Fanner 50 toy guns,” said Hand.

“Looking at buckskin jackets and other leather goods. Pure joy and excitement via just looking at various item. Wow, I wish to go back to those days of the mid to late 1950s. Even as a teenager in high school, stop to peek at my childhood, great stuff. Thank you Taber's Toyland and Teepee Town!” From an old AC guy of 74 years, Tom E. Hand.

As you can see, the wonderful memories of more than 50 years ago come flooding back when you think about your childhood days at places like Tepee Town in Atlantic City.

I hope that you enjoyed this amazing walk down memory lane.

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