Dr. Mehmet Oz, the United States Senate candidate for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has called for Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney to resign from office for recent public comments made by Kenney.

Oz is referring to Kenney's recent remarks in the Philadelphia Inquirer that he will 'be happy' when he is no longer mayor.

“Mayor Kenney should resign from office. Kenney’s comments about how he will be happy when he is no longer Mayor is further indication he has given up on Philadelphia,” said Oz.

Oz has called out the failed policies of John Fetterman, Larry Krasner, and Jim Kenney, who he said “coddle criminals, provide sanctuary to dangerous illegal aliens and put dangerous criminals back out on the street. These radical far-left policies have led to record-breaking homicides and unprecedented rates of violent crime in Philadelphia and across the commonwealth,” said Oz.

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Fetterman is the current Lieutenant Governor of Pennsylvania. Krasner is the Philadelphia District Attorney, who has been stunningly soft on crime, on numerous occasions making decisions that have allowed violent offenders go free.

Fetterman is the Democratic Nominee for the United States Senate.

General Election Day is Tuesday, November 8, 2022. This one seat could determine which major political party holds majority power in The United States Senate, beginning in January, 2023.

SOURCE: Dr. Mehmet Oz, Philadelphia Inquirer.

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