🔵 Elected councilman admits selling illegal drugs

🔵 Malik Johnston sold cocaine to undercover cop

🔵 Faces prison under plea deal

FLEMINGTON — An elected local official has admitted to selling illegal drugs to an undercover officer.

On Wednesday, Malik Johnston pleaded guilty to second-degree distribution of cocaine.

The 48-year-old Democrat has also been known as Pippin Folk, according to Hunterdon County Prosecutor Renée Robeson.

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Flemington, NJ
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Johnston was elected in 2020 to the Flemington Borough Council for a term that ended in December.

He was arrested after selling cocaine and methamphetamine more than once in Raritan Township in January and February last year.

He remained on the council, despite growing calls for his resignation.

Under a plea deal, the state would seek a five-year prison term when Johnson is sentenced in August.

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Flemington Council meeting March 27 (Historic Borough of Flemington via Youtube)
Flemington Council meeting March 27 2023 (Historic Borough of Flemington via Youtube)

Johnson would also pay restitution to the Flemington Democratic Club, while a theft charge filed in June 2023 was dismissed.

At the time, prosecutors said he had illegally withdrawn $1,000 from the political club’s account at a bank in Bridgewater.

Johnson has also agreed to forfeit a motor vehicle as well as cash seized as illegal assets relating to the drug investigation.

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