MONROE TWP. (Gloucester C.) — Rutgers student Haley Parks really wants the Eagles to win the Super Bowl.

It's the first thought that crossed her anesthesia-addled mind after she woke up from a surgery to remove a wisdom tooth.

"Did I miss the Super Bowl?" she asks her mother in a viral video first shared by her father on Facebook.

At one point cries because she wants the team to win the game so badly. "I love the Eagles," she said through a mouth full of gauze.

Parks later went on her own page to say that the video was not staged.

"For anyone saying my video is staged and my gauze isn’t bloody.. here you go. Hope my bloody tongue brings you joy. Go birds!!!!"

Haley said she wants to go to the Eagles victory parade and hates that fans started supporting the team after this season's success.

"If they were 0-16 I would still be their friend," Parks tells her mother after the surgery.

Parks told that she remembered pieces of the conversation with her mother and was surprised at what she said.

“When I watched it back, I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh,'" she told the newspaper.

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