Did you ever hear of “The Felony Lane Gang”?

The Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey Police Department knows who they are and they got some of them.

Seven different times during 2023, the Egg Harbor Township Police Department has confronted issues at the Nature Reserve, located at 318 Zion Road, because  cars had been broken into.

Each time, similar items were stolen. The crooks gained entry by smashing a side window of the cars.

A purse or wallet was taken … containing credit cards, identification, cash, and other items.

The Egg Harbor Township Police Department confirmed that police departments across America know this are very familiar with this burglary style, which is known as a group called the “Felony Lane Gang.”

“The Felony Lane Gang style burglaries are ones where criminals typically target victims who are enjoying parks, local gyms, kids' sporting events; or any other location where a person may leave valuables inside rather than carrying them with them. These events in Egg Harbor Township were no different,” according to the Egg Harbor Township Police Department.

Further, “Items targeted by the thieves include pocketbooks, wallets and backpacks; which are known to hold identifications, credit cards, cash and check books. The smash and grab takes place within a matter of minutes and the suspects then depart from the area. Items from the vehicles are then attempted to be used in other jurisdictions; usually an hour or more away; and sometimes in other states. This type of operation is not limited to New Jersey; but involves many jurisdictions; including across state lines.”

The following have been charged:

Tanya Thomas, 54, of Cleveland, Ohio and Krista Luckenbill, 35, of Reading Pennsylvania; both have been arrested and charged in Oakland, NJ.

They have also been charged in Vorhees, West Deptford and Audubon with a litany of charges as follows:

  • theft by deception
  • receiving stolen property
  • forgery
  • money laundering
  • false identity
  • trafficking in personal identifying information.

Additionally, charges were signed on November November 24, 2023 in Egg HarborTownship against:

Krista Luckenbill for the 2 incidents that happened in Plainfield and Scotch Plains for:

  • theft by deception
  • receiving stolen property
  • forgery
  • money laundering
  • false identify
  • trafficking in personal identifying information

All of the above charges relate to incidents in Egg Harbor Township.

For the incidents in Egg Harbor Township, Tanya Thomas and Krista Luckenbill were both charged with conspiracy to commit burglary and conspiracy to commit theft.

The Egg Harbor Township Police want to remind you not to leave wallets and pocketbooks and other valuables in your car,

“As an alternative, a person could lock them in a glove box or install a safe inside the vehicle. Where this is not possible, concealing the item so it is not visible from the outside would be a minimal recommendation,” according to the Egg Harbor Township Police.

SOURCE: Egg Harbor Township Police Captain Cherie Burgan.

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