BALTIMORE — An escapee from the Cumberland County Jail was found with his father, who bought him a bus ticket, authorities say.

State Police said David Riley, 34, of Bridgeton escaped on Friday in Upper Deerfield wearing only a T-shirt and boxers while being transferred by corrections officers.

He was driven by his father, David Carty, 58, of Bridgeton to Baltimore, according to police. They said Riley was arrested by U.S. Marshals at a Baltimore bus terminal with a bus ticket to Atlanta purchased by his father.

Carty was arrested at a motel in Vineland, State Police said.

Police did not disclose details about where Riley met up with his father or other details about the escape.

Riley is being held at a detention center in Baltimore awaiting extradition back to New Jersey.

Carty was charged with hindering apprehension, obstruction of justice, and aiding another in an escape. He is being held at the Cumberland County jail. reports Riley was previously sentenced to six years in July 2010 for kidnapping and aggravated sexual assault. He was allegedly carrying a knife when he escaped, the report said.

Police hadn't said what charges he was facing when he escaped.

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