Since the murder of George Floyd, yes, I said it. And, I’ve said it since second one that he was murdered by a police officer.

The Michael Baden autopsy concluded that Floyd’s death was a homicide.

Since Floyd’s murder, most announced “peaceful protests” around the country have been followed by violence, riots and looting.

A “Black Lives Matters” George Floyd protest is underway this hour (1:00 p.m.) in Ocean City.

I pray that this will be peaceful just like the extraordinary example displayed in Rio Grande, Cape May County last night.

That event resulted in no riots. No property damage. No bodily injury. No looting.

A real example of respect between protesters, community, local elected officials, police and prosecutor.

It ended with everyone holding hands and hugging it out.

This is a lesson that the entire nation should learn fast and emulate.

Included in this report are photos by Don P. Hurley, showing that nearby establishments are boarding-up their windows, just in case later today things change for the worse. Photos are also included, taken just now by Michael Heath.

Somers Point Businesses Prepares for Protest Along the Route 52 Bridge

When the protests are followed by rioters, it is entirely different people then those who attended the earlier protests.

This formula has been used all over the country. This pattern occurred in Atlantic City, but, did not occur in Rio Grande.

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