Four Cherry Hill police officers attending the funeral of a fallen Maryland officer were treated to lunch by a Lindenwold family.

The four officers said they met the family as they ate lunch on Friday at a restaurant in Baltimore's Inner Harbor. After the family left the restaurant, their waitress brought the officers their check and told them the family had picked up the tab. "God bless you fellas" was written on the back of the receipt, according to police.

The officers said they were shocked and grateful for the gesture and wanted to personally thank the family but the family wished to remain anonymous and asked the server to wait until they left before bringing the officers their bill.

But the grateful officers found the family about a block away and thanked them by giving their son a Cherry Hill Police Department patch.

The officers had attended the funeral of Prince George's County Det. Jacai Colson, who was killed March 13 after a man fired at a police station in Landover, and officers returned fire. Fire from the gun of one of those officers struck Colson.

The Associated Press contributed to this report

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