A father and daughter from Vineland have created an organization with a mission to transform the lives of children with autism and special needs worldwide. Their vision is to bring awareness and promote a culture of acceptance where all kids with autism and special needs can be empowered to do what they set their mind to and not feel that their disability is a road block to their dreams.

Credit: Miguel Figueroa
Credit: Miguel Figueroa

In which case, Miguel and Illiana Figueroa decided to make videos to inspire the lives of children and families through the power of toys. The show started one day when Illiana was on YouTube. Miguel said to his little girl that she should start her own show, but Illiana put her head down and said, "Dad, I can't because I have autism."

Naturally, that wasn't easy for any parent to hear, nor did Miguel agree to accept that defeat. So he set up the basement into a studio where their initiative began. From there, Illiana's personality began to shine, she began talking more and she was interacting more which is what they've been working on for the past 10 years.

On the show, the father-daughter-duo open up toys and review them which helped generate the name Toy Quest 101. They have special guest and always promote charities or different foundations that promotes positivity -- through the power of toys.


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