Tragedy in Atlantic City Monday morning as a father died while saving his son from drowning in the ocean.

According to Atlantic City Police, around 9:30 Monday morning, emergency crews responded to the beach at New Jersey Avenue for a report of a child drowning and his father entering the water to save him.

While responding, the 11-year-old child was able to make it to the shore. The ACPD says a former police officer, identified as Jim Glorioso Jr. from Amsterdam, NY, observed the father struggling in the water. Glorioso retrieved a boogie board and entered the water; he eventually located the man after he had gone under and attempted to pull him onto the boogie board.

Atlantic City Beach Patrol Chief Steve Downey was the first to the two men followed by members of the fire department. Once on shore, police say the father was unresponsive and firefighters immediately began performing CPR. He was taken to ARMC-City where he died. The child was also transported to the hospital for treatment.

Cops say the Atlantic City Beach Patrol was off-duty at the time, but upon hearing of the need for assistance, they immediately responded from a nearby beach tent.

The father and son are reportedly from Reading, PA.

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