A witness to Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small reported to me about what he said last night after the election polls had closed.

Republican challenger Maria Lacca had finished within 13 votes of Small’s formally endorsed candidate, Muhammad “Anjum” Zia.

Small reportedly said in very animated fashion, (raising his voice) saying:

“Look how much money we spent and she’s (Lacca) going to win,” said Small.

Small was at Morris and Atlantic Avenues, across from the 7-Eleven store when he raised his voice to a Bangladesh group, who Small felt had let him down.

You can’t overstate how important the result of the 5th ward city council race is in Atlantic City. It will decide whether Small will have control of a majority of city council, or, will Small’s political adversaries take control.

Former Atlantic City Council President Craig Callaway’s efforts have directly helped to decide a number of key Atlantic City elections in the past.

When Callaway supported former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian, Guardian defeated former mayor Lorenzo Langford in a very close election.

Had Callaway supported Langford, he would’ve won.

Four years later, Callaway supported Guardian‘s challenger, Frank Gilliam. And, Gilliam, won in a very close election.

Had Callaway supported Guardian, he would have won reelection.

With Lacca now trailing Zia by just 13 votes, I telephoned Callaway earlier today and asked him if Lacca was going to come from behind and win.

Callaway told me, “All the votes have not been counted. About 1,000 County-wide ballots remain to be counted and some of them are from Atlantic City,” said Callaway.

Callaway was being coy. He then said “and there are still provisional ballots left to be counted,” said Callaway.

Callaway would not say the words, but, it was clear that he strongly believes that Lacca is going to win the 5th ward city council seat.

This morning, we briefly visited on-air with Atlantic City Councilman George Tibbitt, who stated that he is very confident that Lacca will prevail, after all of the votes are counted.

Tibbitt will be our in studio guest for tomorrow’s 9:00 a.m. hour on WPG Talk Radio 95.5

The stakes are high and this is a developing story.

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