After 121 years in business, today is the last day for a family-owned food market here in the great Garden State.

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The year was 1901. New York became the first state to require license plates on automobiles. President William McKinley was shot in Buffalo, NY, and Vice President Theodore Roosevelt became the 26th President. Legendary musician Louis Armstrong and entertainer Ed Sullivan were born -- oh, as was a man by the name of Walt Disney. Perhaps you have heard of him.

And also in 1901, Citarella's Market opened in Monmouth County. But, sadly, that book comes to an end today.

Breaking the news

The Citarella family recently took to Facebook to share their news.

I am sad to announce that my family’s business Citarella's Market in Red Bank NJ which my Great Grandfather started in 1901 will be closing on July 9th. My brother and his wife have decided to retire. I have been running the business for my brother the last 15 months and although I had always believed I would be the only Citarella son who was not a butcher fate had other plans for me. We are all very sad to see a business that has been in our family for 121 years end, but 121 years is no doubt a good run.

According to the Asbury Park Press, the first store was located on Bridge Avenue. It moved to Sea Bright in the mid-50s and then to Red Bank in 1979.

Citarella's Meats in Red Bank NJ closing - Photo: Google Maps
Citarella's Meats in Red Bank NJ closing - Photo: Google Maps

As you may expect, there were no shortage of posts on their Facebook page, thanking the family for over a century of service. One post simply read,

An icon! Thanks for the delicious memories.

What's next

While those in the community are sad to see Citarella's Market close, from a business standpoint, there is some good news to pass along. That store won't be vacant for long. What has been described as a "Italian family owned and operated business" will be opening there soon.

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