Officials with Sea Isle City say an explosion on a barge that was launching fireworks as part of their Fourth of July festivities resulted in no injuries.

According to a press release, the fireworks show started at 9 PM Monday as planned, however,

after approximately 2-minutes, occasional gaps in the show began taking place. A short time later, there was an explosion on the barge that apparently resulted from one of the 6-inch shells exploding inside its gun-tube before it could launch into the air. The explosion resulted in further delays and a shortened fireworks show overall.

Those working for Pyrotechnico, the city's fireworks provider, that were on the barge lighting the fireworks were working from inside of a solid metal safety box, which protected them from the explosion.

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No injuries were reported on the tug boat that moved the barge from its dock on the mainland and positioned the barge during the fireworks show. Also, at no time was the public on the beach at risk.

Both the barge and the tug boat returned safely to the dock after the show.

In a statement, Sea Isle City Mayor Leonard Desiderio said, "The most important thing is that no one was injured. Even though there was a problem with the fireworks show, it was still a great Fourth of July in Sea Isle City."

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