We broke the first digital word about what’s coming to the former Playground Pier in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Now, we have conducted the first on-air interview with Rob Schwartz and now we can share some actual specifics of what the new ACX1 Studios on the Caesars Pier will be all about.

Rob Schwartz and his fellow six partners have a bold and comprehensive vision for the former iconic Million Dollar Pier, located at the historic # 1 Atlantic Ocean address.

The Caesars Pier has four distinct levels.

The ACX1 Studios will feature a multi-purpose use of very different purposes.

The 1st floor will be dedicated to retail space. Schwartz didn’t mention any specific new stores by name … but, he did say a combination of new and old faces will occupy this retail centric area.

Schwartz discussed with me that music studios will be created.

Schwartz confirmed that movie sets will be built on the 3rd floor … whereby he also addressed Netflix and Lions Gate committing to building a presence in New Jersey.

Specifically, Schwartz highlighted the fact that filmmakers who make movies in Southern New Jersey receive a 35 percent film tax credit.

Films made in North Jersey receive a 30 percent film tax credit.

This can make Atlantic City and the ACX1 Studios a very desirable location for filmmaking.

Schwartz did provide us with one unambiguous, definitive exclusive, and that is the plans to create Hennigan’s Brewery.

Schwartz also revealed that a new vibe is coming for the fourth floor bar area.

Schwartz also discussed that there will be an emphasis on opening new event, space and a focus on weddings.

The # 1 Atlantic Space is so legendary … since 1906. Today, Thursday, September 14, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. there will be a press conference that will formally launch the new ACX1 Studios era,

However, you have this exclusive first report in advance.

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