VOORHEES — On the heels of the NHL having the worst ratings in the history of the Winter Classic, the league is going back to the well for a couple of outdoor games they know will do well.

Pittsburgh will host the Flyers in an outdoor game on Feb. 18, 2017 at Heinz Field. The league finally announced one of its worst-kept secrets Wednesday night.

"Outdoor games are awesome," said Brayden Schenn, who scored his first NHL goal in the 2012 Winter Classic against the New York Rangers at Citizens Bank Park. "People say that now that there’s four each year or whatever that they don’t mean that much, but I think when you’re playing in them it’s so cool to be out there in those big stadiums in front of that many people. Everyone brings their family and you get to skate on the ice before the game and people love it. It’s pretty cool."

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