Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority Executive Director Michael Armstrong has advised the Board that he will be leaving his appointed public position early next year.

Former Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority Board Chairman John Devlin has confirmed that Armstrong will leave, effective February 2, 2024.

This has not been publicly revealed until now and it will officially reflect in the December, 2023 Authority Board minutes.

Devlin shared with me that Armstrong advised the Board that he is leaving to practice law with his son.

Devlin said, “ha, ha … he never stopped practicing law.”

Devlin was very blunt in his assessment about Armstrong as Executive Director of the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority.

Devlin exclusively shared with us:

This comes at no surprise to me, Armstrong has been nothing but a political flunky of Marty Small’s since his appointment to the ACMUA. His dangling of meager knowledge of water over the heads of ACMUA Board Members was a total sham. It should be known that he would boast of his connections in Trenton in attempt to put himself in good light board members and to coral more attention and power. Ultimately, he has put the ACMUA in a very bad spot. From critical employees leaving, to appointing incompetent friends to key positions, to his frivolous actions that have cost the authority huge lawsuits. Sadly, I believe it will take years to recover from his horrific leadership. The scuttlebutt is that he's leaving to go practice law again. That’s so laughable when his law firm has had hundreds of thousands of dollars of law contracts since the day he took his seat at the ACMUA. How hypocritical is that?Only in Atlantic City, said Devlin.

Devlin advised that he has heard that the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority may look to hire India Still to be the next Executive Director.

Still is the former wife of Joe Jacobs … the un-elected, yet, undeniably powerful Atlantic City political potentate.

Jacobs wields incredible political influence with Atlantic City Mayor Marty Small.

Devlin was highly critical of Still’s appointment as Deputy Executive Director.

At the time, Devlin told us:

“I’m concerned Devlin because this position should be filled with a highly qualified water operator with a level 4 license," said Devlin.

The position was formerly held by Nicholas Mancuso, who Devlin describes as highly qualified. Mancuso allegedly was not offered a new contract to continue in the position.

Devlin advised that Still was hired with little municipal utilities experience at $ 140,000 per-year.

According to Devlin, The Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority is under significant scrutiny by the state of New Jersey for being out of compliance with its licensing requirements.

Because they lack certain required licenses with the staff presently, the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Authority must contract outside contractors who do possess the required licenses, in order to legally operate.

It’s a mess, like many other government functions under Small’s direction.

Devlin and former board solicitor Fred Bor have each filed extensive litigation against the Atlantic City Municipal Utilities Board, various elected and appointed Atlantic City officials.

In Devlin’s legal case, depositions are about to begin.

Devlin is represented by talented local attorney David Castellani, who has had a great deal of success in holding the City of Atlantic City to account for its actions.

SOURCE: John Devlin.

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