We have met with a former highly regarded Atlantic City, New Jersey top level executive about the good, bad and ugly regarding Atlantic City.

He did not hold back.

While retired, he is still very active in the community, traveling the roads and boardwalk of Atlantic City on a daily basis.

And, because he is not encumbered by having to deal with the local government any longer … he is free to speak his mind without fear of reprisal to his former business.

Here is a recap of our recent meeting as follows:


  • The Boardwalk Ambassadors. They do a great job. The Boardwalk restrooms are modern, clean and well staffed, so you feel safe.
  • Rick Santoro does an outstanding job as the chief executive of the Atlantic City Special Improvement District.


  • Only about 20 percent of the boards on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City are good. Nail and screws are popping up all over. This results in costly accident lawsuits and takes away the enjoyment of what should be a positive and pleasant experience.
  • The electric bikes should be outlawed. They travel at 25 miles per hour “and, someone is going to get killed.”
  • Marijuana is everywhere. It’s bad for business and not great for tourism.
  • Police presence is not very visible.
  • Dog poop in the north end is very bad.
  • Heroin zombies are all over the place.
  • Homeless laying in businesses doorways.

The former Atlantic City executive mentioned that these problems exist throughout the city and are especially bad in the area of the new Showboat Atlantic City water park.

It is important to note that the former Atlantic City executive was not being critical of Atlantic City to be destructive.

He loves Atlantic City and wants to see the numerous problems actually solved.

This is an important focus and especially so in light of New York City casino competition coming in the next 18-24 months.

If Atlantic City doesn’t repair these serious deficiencies, New York City will do to Atlantic City on an even larger scale … exactly what Philadelphia did when it took 2/3 of the Atlantic City convenience gamblers away.

These problems are not complex. They can be solved. The Atlantic City administration and City Council must make this a priority.

Atlantic City officials should reach out to George E. Norcross III and learn how this unelected, private citizen took a lead role in the rebound of the Camden City … which was long one of the poorest and most violent cities in the country.

Atlantic City has arrived at yet another critical tipping point in its storied history.

The time to act is now.

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