In a Townsquare Media exclusive, former New Jersey Assemblyman Tom Foley, a lifelong Democrat announced, live on-the-air that he is switching to become a registered Republican.

Foley is a former New Jersey Assemblyman, Atlantic County Freeholder, Pleasantville City Councilman, Atlantic City Professional Firefighters Battalion Fire Chief and Atlantic City Director of Emergency Management.

Foley was also a former Atlantic City Fire Department union leader and has served as a Democratic Delegate at numerous local, county, state and national functions over the past 40 years.

While the announcement may appear sudden to some, Foley has been expressing mounting opposition for several years to many of the national, state, county and local Democratic Party radical priorities, including:

  • Numerous local, county, state and national decisions that run counter to previous societal norms.
  • Failure to address the illegal immigration crisis.
  • Woke philosophy of governance.
  • Radical policies that are counter to the American way of life.

Specifically, Foley said:

“It comes with some difficulty … but, because of the way this State and Country are presently going against everything that I believe in for the working people of our State and Country … and, the way that our State and Federal Democrats are destroying not only the State, Country and World … I must act to change my affiliation to the Republican Party,” said Foley.

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Foley did not hold back in his critical assessment of today’s changing Democratic Party:

”Democrats are ruining our rights, civility, values and
respect for law enforcement and education … it makes  me feel like “Bizarro World” actually exists,” said Foley.

”Just think, I have Grandchildren and I worry about their future. They (Democrats) have lied to all of us; promising stability, but instead, providing nothing but chaos.”

“We need new leadership and I believe that the Republicans can and will better deliver,” said Foley.

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