Former Phillies first baseman and outfielder Jeremy Giambi died Wednesday night. He was just 47 years old.

News of Giambi’s death was shared by Ken Rosenthal, who said that Giambi passed away in his parents Southern California home.

Giambi spent 82 games during the 2002 season with the Phillies after coming over in a trade with the Oakland A's in exchange for John Mabry.

Giambi hit a home run in his first two plate appearances with the team.

The trade was featured in the movie "Moneyball," starting Brad Pitt and Johan Hill, and the trade was shown in the movie with Pitt, playing the role of Oakland GM Billy Beane, telling Giambi he was traded to the Phils.

After the 2002 season, the Phillies traded Giambi to the Boston Red Sox for pitcher Josh Hancock.

He might be best known for being the younger brother of Jason Giambi and his name appearing in the Mitchell report. Giambi, who last signed a minor league deal with the White Sox in 2005, admitted to knowingly using steroids in an interview with the Kansas City Star.

He ended his Major League career hitting .263 with 52 home runs and 209 RBI.

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