Most often, when it comes to addiction, support focuses on the person with the addiction. But family members also experience a high level of stress as they compromise their own health to focus on a loved one.

For the first time, The Mental Health Association In New Jersey is offering a free six-week workshop to relatives. Director of Community Education and Outreach Anne Lopez says topics discussed each week include the impact of addiction on a family, relationships and boundaries, advocating for yourself and your loved one, understanding treatment and continuum of care, and caring for one's self.

She says by attending these workshops, families not only may find hope in recovery for their loved one, but also learn coping skills to get through the ongoing crises.

Lopez adds that the workshops help educate families to help reduce stress but also, "What are you doing for yourself?  We really talk about all the different avenues toward wellness."

The workshops are for adult relatives.

"Dealing with younger children is a little bit more of a sensitive nature," says Lopez.

She says the mission as an organization is to educate and connect people to resources. What's important about MHANJ is that they always follow up. So if a family is given resources, they'll ask things like, "How did you do with those? Did you get to meet with this doctor or that clinician?"

The workshops are available at four locations: Union Township in Union County, Matawan, Toms River, and Galloway. For more information, call  NJ Connect for Recovery at 1-855-652-3737.

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