What would South Jersey be without diners?

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Many are open late and the menus are typically huge. Breakfast at 8 AM or 8 PM is no problem. Scrapple or spaghetti, turkey clubs or strawberry shortcake, pancakes or fried shrimp, it's all up for grabs depending on what you are in the mood for. And after a few stops, the servers will usually know you by name.

As more and more chain restaurants dot the landscape, diners in our region are still going strong. They're like an old friend.

Virginia Scrapple and eggs for breakfast
A Marlowe

Many are decked-out in chrome and neon, but a few have been modernized and elevated.

Whatever you are craving, stop by a diner, grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy a great meal whether it's the middle of the day or the middle of the night.

We took to the internet to create a list of some of the best diners in South Jersey -- not an easy task to do. Based on comments, reviews, and chatter online, we narrowed our list down to the 15 best diners in the region.

The 15 Best Diners in South Jersey

You'll want to check out these diners in South Jersey -- the best of the best.

11 things that make a New Jersey diner a real diner

The best Jersey diners that don't exist anymore

New Jersey diners are not only about great food, but the ambiance as well. You get to know the servers, they get to know you. It's fun seeing which celebrity's picture with the owner is hanging on the wall. New Jersey diners bring you something that the franchise places could never bring and that is a taste of New Jersey. With that in mind, Steve Trevelise wanted to know what some of your favorite diners were that don't exist anymore. He asked that to his Facebook following, here's some of what they came up with.

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