Officials in Galloway Township say a 73-year-old lost her life in a fatal accident on Pomona Road and Park Avenue.

It was just after 3:00 Thursday when the crash happened and wet roads and rain played a part in the fatal accident.

According to Galloway Township police, Donna Damato of Dorothy was traveling southbound on Pomana Road near Park Avenue when her 2017 black Volkswagen Jetta veered off the roadway and struck a tree.

Damato was transported to AtlanticCare City Division where she passed due to her injuries sustained in the crash. Police shut down the roadway for approximately three hours for further investigation.

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AltiCare Paramedics, Pomana Vol. Fire Company, and Germania Vol. Fire Company also responded to the scene of the accident.

Galloway Township Police are asking for the public's help with any information concerning the fatal crash. You can call (609) 652-3705 extension 5090 or 5107.

The case remains under investigation by Galloway Township Police.

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