Galloway Township Police Chief Donna Higbee is proactively addressing the disorderly behavior that has been occurring at local high school football games.

Here is part of Chief Higbee’s public service announcement, posted on the Galloway Township Police Department Facebook page.

The Galloway Township Police Department in cooperation with the Greater Egg Harbor Regional School District would like to inform all students, guardians, and community members that attend school events that we are actively working together to rectify recent issues that have arisen at local football games. We will in no way tolerate any disorderly behavior at school events, particularly football games that tend to draw larger than normal crowds...The physical fights and aggressive behavior that occurred in recent weeks will be met with swift and certain discipline by school officials and the police...

The Galloway Township Police Department will be stationing additional police officers at football games to manage the escalating problems.

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Highee has confirmed that multiple students from various municipalities have been arrested and is urging parents and guardians to help,

Anyone who has information about the tumultuous activity or any safety concerns that need to be addressed please contact the police department at (609) 652-3705 or report anonymously via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook by following the links at

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Over the past few years, state lawmakers have taken on the challenge of dealing with accused child predators among the ranks of teachers and educators.

In 2018, the so-called “pass the trash” law went into effect, requiring stricter New Jersey school background checks related to child abuse and sexual misconduct.

The follow individuals were arrested over the past several years. Some have been convicted and sentenced to prison, while others have accepted plea deals for probation.

Others cases are still pending, including some court delays amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

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