This morning, I interviewed Bob Garguilo, the Superintendent of Cape May and Cape May West Public Schools. It was an extraordinary interview.

Garguilo sounded the alarm live on-air that the New Jersey Education Association (NJEA) is politically motivated to stop New Jersey children from returning to the classroom this September.

You can listen to Garguilo's comments by going to our WPG Talk Radio 95.5 Podcast, which you can access right from our WPG smartphone app (a link is provided below). The interview with Gargiulo begins at 7:05 AM this morning, Thursday, July 30, 2020

I posed the comment that there are only two reasons to take this position.

1. Genuine concern about COVID-19.

2. Motivated to keep schools closed for political purposes.

Garguilo didn’t hesitate. “I have no doubt that this is politically motivated.”

Garguilo detailed the extensive cleaning and disinfecting that he’s led within his two schools.

Garguilo also advised that there is a “campaign” underway to inundate the New Jersey Department of Education with phone calls To demand that elaborate HVAC testing be done.

Garguilo suggested that parents and others interested in seeing that children can return to the classroom ... that you may want to embark upon the same kind of NJDOE phone Campaign.

Garguilo discussed the importance of children once again being able to experience much-needed social and emotional contact with other children and teachers.

The entire one hour definitive interview is available on demand on our WPG Podcast.

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