The harsh societal evolution that has been going on in our still great country is deeply disturbing.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has revealed that he has a tumor on his left kidney.

About 90 percent of the time, tumors such as this are cancerous.

You would think that upon learning about such serious news, that the universal reaction from the public would be one of kindness and compassion.

Some have been so brutal and downright cruel and indecent.

In my case, blame my parents. Blame my proper upbringing. I am a hard-hitting member of the media most-of-the-time.

I first learned about this on Saturday, February 22, 2020; on my beautiful Daughter, Kristin’s 37th Birthday.

As soon as I saw Governor Murphy’s post, I immediately wrote mine (see attached).


It was the right thing to do. It was the decent and compassionate thing to do.

Until I know that Governor Murphy has beaten this health issue, I will not speak or write a harsh word about him.

It’s not weak to implement this personal standard of conduct policy. It’s how we used to be as a Country.

You don’t hit someone when they’re “down.” That’s not The American way.

Governor Murphy has shown transparency and courage in announcing his present medical condition.

I’m pulling for him to fully recover; which there appears to be every expectation that he will.

When he is fully recovered and can run his next 5K race ... then, we can resume any political differences.

Political differences are so small when you’re dealing with your own mortality.

Fortunately, Governor Murphy has done a great job being proactive about his own health.

The fact that Governor Murphy caught this at such an early stage 1A is so critically important for his prognosis.

Governor Murphy’s outlook is very favorable for a full and fast recovery. He may even run a 5K in April, 2020. That would be amazing and such a blessing.

To those who have not refrained from brutal criticism at a time such as this ... you really need to do some healthy self-reflection.

When someone, anyone is hurting, the right thing to do is to show kindness and pray for that individual’s complete recovery.

On my Facebook post, I was dismayed, but, sadly not surprised that there were some hateful people, who posted some hideous comments about Governor Murphy.

I deleted them all, and, will continue to do so. Anyone who knows me, understands that I’m not for censorship.

This isn’t about censorship. This is about being decent.

We’ll have plenty of time to do political battle again in the future. Just not now.

Governor Murphy and I are on opposite sides of the political spectrum. Our individual philosophies of governance are polar opposites.

That’s of no concern to me at this time. Until Governor Murphy fully recovers, I will pray for him (not like Nancy Pelosi prays for President Trump).

I really mean it.

To those who simply can’t refrain from the harsh criticisms of Governor Murphy, I strongly encourage you to reconsider.

I Believe in the power of prayer. Let’s form a prayer chain together for governor Murphy’s complete recovery.

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