A Newark officer who's awaiting hearings on charges related to drugs and other offenses has been found guilty of official misconduct and theft for acts committed in 2018.

Anthony Gibson was convicted on Wednesday, according to the Essex County Prosecutor's Office.

During his paid sick leave from the Newark Police Division between March 2018 and November 2018, Gibson worked a security job at a local hospital for 32 days. On 31 of those days, he worked during the same hours he would have been scheduled to work for the Newark Police.

During his leave, he was paid more than $46,000 from Newark for his public job, and $4,700 from the private security job.

Gibson was suspended from the police department without pay in November 2018.

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Gibson is scheduled to be sentenced for his conviction on April 28. According to the prosecutor's office, the offense requires a five-year prison sentence.

"The conduct that was proved in a fair and open trial was egregious and far below the high standards we demand of police officers," Assistant Prosecutor George Gay said following the verdict.

Gibson is also dealing with two open indictments, officials say. Charges include conspiracy, official misconduct, and distribution of controlled dangerous substances.

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