You know those kiosks at Wawa where you order hoagies at? Those touchscreens contain a secret menu. Here's how to access it.

Word has been spreading like wildfire over the past couple of days regarding Wawa's newest trick to get you excited about their 54th anniversary on Thursday (as if free coffee wasn't enough).

As the story goes, Wawa employees started talking about this on an internal message board a few days ago (wouldn't you love to access that!). Since no one can keep a secret these days, word got out to the public.

First things first -- this secret menu isn't going to lead you to the holy grail of hoagies. In fact, the secret menu gives you access to only two things: a birthday cake milkshake or a birthday cake smoothie. Let's just say neither one is on your diet plan.

Here's how to access it... on the touchscreen at the bottom left, there is an animated goose. Tapping on it may appear to lead you to nutritional information, but it fact, simply tapping on the flying goose brings you to the secret menu. Watch...


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