Time to challenge your conventions. Or grab a wastebasket and hurl. Up to you.

A college student named Laura Jackson took time from her studies at Exeter to launch a crusade this month. It's called Januhairy. She's encouraging women everywhere to give up shaving for the month of January. The 21 year old (you can see a picture of her armpit hair in her social media post below) is also trying to raise money for a program that teaches teenagers about body image.

She says it's not an angry campaign lashing out at people who see hair as disgusting. Rather it's an 'empowerment project'.

Ok. But would New Jersey be ready for such empowerment? If you're a lady would you do it yourself and say to hell with anyone who stared? If you're a guy, would it change going to the beach for you and seeing what women really look like?

Armpit hair is one thing. Especially in January, this is easy for women to hide. But weather turns warmer and July rolls around sooner than you'd think. Would you not shave in shorts season and let your legs look like this?

So what do you think New Jersey? Is body hair on a woman acceptable?

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