This is a great example as to how things have changed so dramatically since 1957 versus the present.

Below are actual teen advertisements that ran in The Atlantic City Press in June, 1957.

The images below are courtesy of Kenneth McIntyre, via the I Grew Up And Or Lived In Atlantic City, NJ Facebook page.

The advertisements were printed in the Atlantic City Press exactly as they were written by the teenage boys and girls ... with no corrections, edits, punctuation changes made.

It makes them authentic comments and I believe that they serve as a window into how teenagers conducted themselves 66 years ago.

They also serve as a time capsule, which I just love.


Please take a few minutes to read some of these precious ads. They illustrate how ambitious and industrious these teenagers were … as they looked for work and promoted their own candidacies.

Here are a few examples, exactly as they appeared in 1957.

BABY SITTING JOB-To take care of child during the morning while mother does house chores. Experienced Jan Kauffman. 128 Dewey pl.. 13. Phone 4-2083. Central Junior High.

I WOULD like to cut lawns and walk dogs. James Washington. 1914 Arctic Ave. Age13. Indiana Avenue School.

A CLEAN UP BOY-Robert Allen Ford 1811 Garfield av. Age 13. Indiana Avenue School.

Note the phone numbers back in 1957.

This was a great idea to provide ad space for teenagers.

As you can see, teenagers back in 1957 took full advantage of this opportunity.

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