In America, many people believe that human trafficking only happens on police television programs.

That’s not true.

Human trafficking really does happen right here in New Jersey.

Additionally, human trafficking is not limited to only children. Adults are also also trafficked.

Human trafficking has been a focus and priority for Atlantic County, New Jersey Prosecutor Will Reynolds.

The New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking hosted their Annual Freedom Gala and Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, May 14, 2024 in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

“The New Jersey Freedom Awards recognize the compassion, courage, impact and reach of individuals and organizations to prevent human trafficking in New Jersey and help those affected by it,” said the organization.

William E. Reynolds, Atlantic County Prosecutor, was honored at the ceremony and given an award for his work fighting against human trafficking. The award was offered to recognize the Prosecutor's commitment to protecting victims, empowering survivors, prosecuting human traffickers and preventing the proliferation of these abhorrent crimes.

Reynolds received the award for his work fighting against human trafficking.

Reynolds “credited his staff of assistant prosecutors, detectives and victim witness advocates, who were in attendance, for their dedication and perseverance in helping those most vulnerable and exploited, said Reynolds.

Reynolds further stated that:

On behalf of the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office, I am humbled to be honored by the NJ Coalition Against Human Trafficking. This award and the credit goes to the team of dedicated professionals at the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office who do this impactful work day in and day out. They are truly fighting the fight.

SOURCE: The New Jersey Coalition Against Human Trafficking & The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

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