DWI checkpoints can be a very helpful law enforcement technique.

Effective education takes place and the word spreads fast about checkpoints taking place in various communities.

Even smartphone GPS announces the existence of DWI checkpoints.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office said the following about recent DWI checkpoints that they participated in as follows:

On Friday June 21st, 2024, from 6PM to 12AM, the Linwood Police Department conducted a DWI Checkpoint in partnership with the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office. Officers from Margate, Ventnor, Galloway, Hamilton, and the Atlantic County Sheriff's Department assisted.

Enforcement and educational efforts like this are made possible by federal funding from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), through the NJ Division of Highway Traffic Safety. The checkpoint resulted in contact with over 1,000 drivers, who were provided with educational materials about the dangers and penalties of driving under the influence. 16 motor vehicles summonses were issued, and 1 person was arrested for an outstanding warrant, said the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office also confirmed that intervene years the number of fatal car crashes has significantly increased in Atlantic County.

They are touting collaboration with various working partners and programs such as DWI checkpoints in directly helping to reduce these kinds of incidents.

“We will continue our efforts throughout the year and work to do everything we can to stop the senseless and preventable loss of life caused by traffic related fatalities. We look forward to support both from the local department and members of the community to accomplish this goal,” said the Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

SOURCE: Atlantic County Prosecutor’s Office.

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