In a major exclusive, WPG's Harry Hurley has learned and confirmed that Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson and New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy have settled a long-time controversy over the Atlantic County taxpayer share of the PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) legislation.

I have obtained a 3-Page memorandum written by Levinson.

A handful of Atlantic County municipalities still need to vote on this settlement between tomorrow and this upcoming Monday.

This confirms that Atlantic County taxpayers will be made whole and the County will also receive an additional $30 million.

Therefore, the $40 million potential shortfall will be resolved, along with an additional $30 million on top of that.

Governor Murphy is honorable and it was an outstanding job of intellectually honest negotiations between Levinson and The Governor.

This is a very big deal for all Atlantic County taxpayers.

Governor Murphy and Levinson should be congratulated.

This will end the protracted litigation and it is a very just resolution.

County Memo - Photo: Harry Hurley
County Memo - Photo: Harry Hurley
County Memo - Photo: Harry Hurley