A few weeks ago, we invited area not-for-profit organizations to write us and that as a result, we would be selecting a recipient to receive a $ 2,500 Grant from The Hurley in the Morning Charity.

The submissions were profound and numerous, making our job nearly impossible to choose just one.

We are pleased to announce that we have selected the Atlantic City Police Foundation.

We will outline just some of the great work that they have done since being established seven years ago.

The Atlantic City Police Foundation Mission:

The Atlantic City Police Foundation was established in 2014, by current and former police officers as well as business and civic leaders as an independent, 501(c)3, non-profit organization to improve public safety in Atlantic City by assisting the City of Atlantic City and The Atlantic City Police Department in funding for worthwhile police programs, initiatives, training and equipment that would otherwise not be feasible under the City budget.

Partial Listing of Crucial Goods, Services & Programs Funded by The Atlantic City Police Foundation

Some of the numerous items and initiatives funded by the foundation includes the purchase of 57 rifle resistant bulletproof vests designed to provide first responders’ protection against rifle rounds, vest mounted tourniquets for the SWAT team, 100 self-aid kits for police officers, binoculars, Nikon digital cameras, bicycles, equipment, uniforms and racks to support the ACPD’s Park and Ride Program, helped equip the new 24/7 Police Surveillance Center with monitors, furnishings and necessary equipment, purchased a cleaning system to help maintain Atlantic City cameras tied into the Surveillance Center, state of the art camera system for the PAL building tied into the Surveillance Center, two new K-9 dogs, amplified speaker system for the ACPD Community Relations unit to host outdoor movies with the police, three treadmills for the ACPD PBA gym and continuously support various community policing initiatives of the Police Department.

As you can see, the Atlantic City Police Foundation does incredible and vital work for the community.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has served notice as to the essential work being done every day by emergency personnel.
In these unprecedented times, the safety and security that the Atlantic City Police Department provides to the public is more important than ever.
The commitment of the ACPD to Atlantic City and its residents is unwavering. The men and women of the Department have continued to answer the call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, during very challenging times.
It is essential that we all support them. The pandemic has also greatly diminished the Police Foundations fundraising abilities by forcing them to cancel their yearly motorcycle raffle and other fundraising events.
It is for these reasons that the “Hurley in the Morning” Charity is awarding a $ 2,500 Grant to The Atlantic City Police Foundation to help them further their important work on behalf of law enforcement.
We are honored to do so.

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