I have long urged Stockton University to get out of the polling business.

They just may be the worst polling institute, ever.

In the attached District 2 Senate and Assembly poll, Stockton University has over-sampled Democrat respondents vs. Republican by 7 percent.

I have not revealed this before now, but in every internal poll taken to date, Brown leads Bell by 18 points or more.

Colin Bell's internal polling does not have him tied. Bell knows that he is trailing.

I strongly suspect that Stockton University has also over-sampled Democrat-leaning Independents, too.

Democrat John Armato holding a lead of any kind over Vince Sera and Brenda Taube supports my theory.

Vince Mazzeo leading the Assembly race does not surprise me.

512 "likely voters"? Who are they?

Assemblyman Chris Brown should demand to see all of the cross tabulars. Colin Bell's name recognition is very low. No accurate poll would have him tied with Brown.

Now, watch in amazement as The Press of Atlantic City trumpets this as breaking news as they work directly in cahoots with Stockton University.

This same poll had United States Congressman Frank LoBiondo in a neck-and-neck race with Bill Hughes, Jr., On October 2, 2014. The Stockton poll had LoBiondo just 5 points ahead of Hughes, Jr. LoBiondo won over Hughes 61.5 to 37.3.

Do you really think it was a 5-point race four weeks before Election Day?

Don't believe this poll, ever.

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