Atlantic City Mayor Frank M. Gilliam, Jr., threatened John Devlin today at the MBCA fundraiser, starring guest of honor Miss America 2018 Cara Mund.

This was a dignified charity event whereby the Hurley in the Morning Charity sponsored a table of 10 guests.

Devlin was eating his salad, when Gilliam aggressively approached him.

Gilliam’s approach and language was menacing and at times profane.

Gilliam told Devlin that he will, “knock that fu**ing bobble head off your shoulders.”

Gilliam repeatedly asked Devlin to meet him at the Atlantic City Police Athletic League building. This is a well known expression for meeting in the boxing ring.

Devlin will appear tomorrow morning (Friday, April 13, 2018) at 7:35 a.m to address this.

Craig Calllaway will be my guest for the entire 7:00 AM hour on “Hurley in the Morning” on WPG Talk Radio 104.1.

The various legal controlling authorities and state monitors had better keep an eye -- a very close eye -- on Gilliam.

Various reports to me about Gilliam’s pattern of questionable public conduct has been highly disturbing as it relates to Devlin, George Tibbitt, and others.

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