In a "Hurley in the Morning," WPG Talk Radio 104.1 exclusive, I have learned and confirmed that both Atlantic County County Executive Dennis Levinson and Atlantic County Freeholder at Large Frank Formica have been formally named as defendants in the Diane Ruberton, Donna Fetzer, and Heather McManus widening lawsuit that is forecasted to be protracted and expensive.

The following have now be named as defendants:

  • Damon G. Tyner (individually and in his official capacity as the Atlantic County Prosecutor).
  • Cary Shill (individually and in his capacity as First Assistant Prosecutor).
  • Mario Formica (Individually and in his capacity as Deputy First Assistant Prosecutor).
  • The County of Atlantic.
  • The Atlantic County Prosecutor.
  • The Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office.
  • Dennis Levinson, Atlantic County Executive.
  • Frank D. Formica, Atlantic County Freeholder.
  • John Does 1-3, jointly, severally, and independently.

Levinson and Formica have now been named and formally served a summons in this civil action in the Superior Court of New Jersey, instituted by Ruberton, Fetzer and McManus.

They are required to provide written answers to the plaintiffs attorney's within 35 days of yesterday, January 27, 2019.

Claims of misogyny is the heart of this lawsuit. This word means "hatred or dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women."

However, the extensive (retired) New Jersey Superior Court Judge Michael Donio report does not support this claim. In fact, The Donio Report found that there was no evidence of bias against women within the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office.

Further, the record of Levinson placing women in job classifications, which represent the highest levels of Atlantic County government is beyond reproach. Tyner also has a demonstrated track record of placing women in high-ranking positions within the Atlantic County Prosecutor's Office.

Additionally, Tyner retained staff members that he could have terminated without cause. Tyner also implemented the career path for Ruberton to reach retirement with full benefits under the old pension system.

Tyner could have cut Ruberton 8 months short of full retirement status; whereby she would have defaulted to the new state pension system, featuring a less lucrative 401K program and not the 50% salary for life that Ruberton was able to achieve under Tyner.

Atlantic County Executive Dennis Levinson will be appearing on-air immediately after I break this news this morning, Monday, January 28, 2019.


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