I learned today that April 20th now means a day to celebrate using marijuana … it’s called 420 … a cannabis culture, slang term for marijuana or hashish use.

Some also say that 420 is a police code for marijuana.

I have long taken the position that the various states around the country that have legalized recreational use of marijuana have done a great disservice to society.

I understand and support medical marijuana use. It can help those with cancer, severe nausea… Or those with MS or Parkinson’s disease and those battling significant anxiety. It helps these individuals.

Recreational marijuana is altogether different. it causes many problems, including higher college dropout rates and a loss in overall productivity.

Recreational marijuana also has consistently failed to deliver the anticipated revenue that is always promised.

It is also so important to emphasize that Cannabis is still a federally designated Schedule 1 drug. This classification is used for the most dangerous drugs.

While the state you live in may pass laws to make recreational marijuana legal… You are still violating federal law. The federal government has not changed its position on the illegality of marijuana.

This means that if someday you apply for a top-secret security clearance or a position of sensitivity and public trust in many other vocations… The use of marijuana can disqualify you from many jobs.

Also, just because at this time, the federal government has not prosecuted anyone for using marijuana in the states that have approved recreational use … that doesn’t mean that someday an administration may come along that will do just that.

Mayor Marty Small is bragging about approving the first recreational dispensary in Atlantic City.

This is nothing to brag about. The smell of marijuana all throughout different sectors of Atlantic City is already at a significant level.

MPX NJ is striving to open their recreational marijuana facility at some point this summer.

Fortunately, the Atlantic City Council did not support recreational marijuana to be sold on the boardwalk in Atlantic City.

However, the Atlantic City Council did approve a so-called green zone, which does include much of Atlantic City, where recreational marijuana will be eligible to be sold.

Look at the previous states that have approved recreational marijuana. The revenue always falls short… However, the problems never fail to present themselves.

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