I will never attempt to make the case that the COVID-19 pandemic has been a good thing.

To the contrary, it’s been a tragedy at a scale that most generations will never have to live through. It’s a once in more than 100 years occurrence. It’s understandable that there has been little to no focus on positives which have occurred during the pandemic.

However, there have been some unexpected and notable positives have been realized as a result of the ongoing pandemic. Here’s my current partial list as follows:

  1. Telemedicine is here to stay. People had resisted this available technology for years. Somehow, waiting in a Doctor’s office ... sometimes in very close proximity of people who were sicker then you were. Now, remote visits are happening with great regularity. This won’t change after the pandemic.
  2. Companies were forced to implement remote technologies. For the past 13 months, countless employees around the country work from home and have demonstrated that they can be very productive. This will also continue going forward.
  3. Office buildings will be sold and repurposed, as companies will no longer need as much bricks and mortar to get the job done. Many employees will continue working from home long after the pandemic is over.
  4. Our educational delivery systems are still in the process of perfecting remote learning while students and teachers cannot be in the classroom. While it is very important to get back into the classroom; during inclement weather and any other emergency, children and young adults may now be educated remotely. It’s been a great achievement.
  5. Many families have grown closer together during the pandemic for many important reasons. First, it was the extended lockdowns. Married couples and their children spent more uninterrupted time then ever before. This did cut both ways, as many family members and friends were also separated for an extended period.
  6. People have developed a finer appreciation for their health and other things that were easy to take for granted.
  7. Neighborhood strengthening. People became less self absorbed and actually cared more for others around them then perhaps they did prior to the pandemic. Checking in on one another to make sure that everyone is doing OK.
  8. The same holds true for caring for the elderly, who are the most vulnerable during this global health pandemic.
  9. Digital technology has been used to effectively  hold video sessions for those dealing with substance abuse issues. Some people who would perhaps never go to an in-person meeting, I have taken advantage of video meetings. This is very important, as the number of people in recovery that have stumbled due to the pandemic is significant.
  10. The record achievement of developing therapeutics and multiple vaccines in record time to help save lives and return normalcy in America.
  11. Record financial markets have been achieved during a global health pandemic. This is illustrative with respect to the greatness of America.
  12. Restaurants have perfected takeout service like never before. It’s here to stay.
  13. Some elected, appointed, business and community leaders have risen to the challenge and demonstrated greatness.
  14. Our Medical professionals, public safety, first responders and other professionals have earned our respect, admiration and appreciation for being the heroes that they always have been long before the pandemic.
  15. NJSIAA , colleges, and professional sports have gone beyond new and unique parameters to keep participants playing and fans watching. (Thank you Frank Campo).

This is just my top 15 “Positives” (in no particular order) that have taken place since the pandemic began 13 months ago.

This list is by no means complete. I’m sure you have taken note of many other “positives” that have occurred.

Let me know your thoughts. In the near future, we will further this topic on-air together on the “Hurley in the Morning” program on WPG Talk Radio 95.5

We’ll be taking your phone calls regarding this important topic and let you share your valued observations.

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