Have you taken notice? Atlantic City Mayor Small is talking big about things like a $ 2.7 billion development at historic Bader Field and other grandiose proposals.

Yet, what he should be concentrating his efforts on is playing small ball. Focus like a laser beam on getting the little things right.

Residents and taxpayers all want the same thing. They want safe streets, clean streets, clean water, all of the basic things in life.

The other half of the City taxpayer services is the board of education.

The state of New Jersey has complete and total control over both the city and the public school's system operations.

This should dictate that all that both the local municipality and school system should be doing is making sure that all of the basic services are being met on a daily basis.

Yet, this week, the Atlantic City board of education actually let a vital Stockton University rowing program get away. Left with no choice, their highly successful rowing program has left for Brigantine.

What Atlantic City no longer wanted … Brigantine welcomed (Stockton) with open arms.

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In welcoming Stockton University to Brigantine, Mayor Vince Sera said:

“On behalf of Council and the City of Brigantine, I would like to officially welcome the Stockton University Crew Team to the Brigantine Rowing Club.

Last week, the Stockton Crew Team found itself without a home when the AC BOE refused to offer a renewal deal for their continued use of the AC boathouse facilities.

Representatives from Stockton reached out to us, explained the situation, and asked if they could return to our rowing club.

We were more than happy to help and to have them return to Brigantine.

We are still working out the details, but we believe this will be a great partnership and a tremendous benefit to our community,” said Sera.

For more information about this colossal boondoggle and what happened with Stockton University and the Atlantic City Board of Education, here is a link to our breaking news coverage:

Read More: No Deal With Atlantic City - Stockton Crew Moves To Brigantine

How could Marty and La’Quetta Small allow this to happen? How could they fail to step in and stop it?

Stockton University is invested in Atlantic City, building a magnificent, sprawling Atlantic City campus.

Did they simply forget everything that Stockton has meant to Atlantic City?

How about the world-class summer rowing program for underserved Atlantic City children that Stockton University and generous charitable partners funded? It was free of charge.

Stockton University was a great working partner at the Atlantic City Boathouse. They donated boats, equipment, expert mentoring and so much more.

Yet, the Atlantic City Board of Education let Stockton’s 3-year lease expire and did not even attempt to reach a new deal.

Stockton University has invested more than $ 200 million in Atlantic City. All that they ever asked for was to use the boathouse for Atlantic City kids and Stockton students.

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