It's fun to imagine winning $1.6 billion in tonight's Mega Millions lottery.

So, should you be the only winner, what could you do with that amount of money?

For starters, let's assume you lose 40 percent of that money to taxes (I'm guessing on that number, but it makes the numbers easy to work with). If 40 percent goes to taxes, you're still left with about $1 billion over the course of a couple decades (we're assuming you take the annuity and not the lump sum).

What can you do with $1 billion in South Jersey?

A 24-ounce cup of coffee at Wawa is about two bucks. You don't have to worry about paying for your next 500,000,000 cups of coffee.

You could make over 333,000,000 trips through the $3 toll on the Atlantic City Expressway. You'd have to go through that toll plaza over 912,000 times every day for 365 days if you wanted to spend all of that money in one year.

You could buy 50,000,000 ticket books for Gillian's Wonderland Pier in Ocean City. Anyone wanna ride their big Ferris Wheel for the next couple centuries?

What about food? Tonight's fortune could land you about 50,000,000 pizzas from Manco and Manco in Ocean City. That's one pizza every day for the next 136,000 years.

If you enjoy the casino lifestyle, you could book the Fiore Suite at Borgata -- for the next 1.5 million nights -- or everyday for the next 3,900 years.

Glenn Straub sold the old Revel (now Ocean Resort) for $200 million. You could have bought five of them.

This six-bedroom house in Avalon is for sale for $7.25 million. You could buy that one -- and 136 others just like it.

At the end of 2017, Forbes magazine estimated the worth of every NHL team. Their estimates say the Philadelphia Flyers team is worth about $740 million. If you ever wanted to own a major league hockey team, there's your chance. If you're a baseball fan, Forbes has the Phillies worth about $1.7B, so you'd be a little short, but you could potentially buy the Miami Marlins or the Tampa Bay Rays.

Comcast just built a brand new 58-story, almost 1,000-foot-tall skyscraper in Center City Philadelphia for $1.5 billion. If you cut a few corners (probably not something you want to do on a 58-story skyscraper), you could build one, too.

* Please note, I am greatly rounding many of these numbers -- none of them are exact.

If you are playing tonight -- good luck!

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